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Study is given to it easily an ion receives good marks at it the victory formula in study is developed by itself. But if children do not possess verbally-linguistic talent or for any other reason experience difficulties with development of reading, the letter and arithmetics school days threaten to appear for them heavy test. If study at school already at such early age is difficultly given to children or them force to believe that they not so are clever, as other contemporaries at them the underestimated self-estimation and, as consequence, the general hostility to school can develop. Children get used to consider themselves as numskulls and feel that it not to survive in education system atmosphere. Instead of desired epithets "presented", "shining" or "talented" it start to paste the shortcuts, called to explain their imaginary it it such as it (mentally retarded) or "braked". As each adult person, I would not suffer, if me have named stupid or have tried to belittle my advantage. And how the twelve years child, in your opinion, reacts to such insulting shortcuts? What traumas it moral, emotional and physical it are put to it by the similar relation?

The academic systems of marks are one more reason on which at children uncertainty in the forces develops. The system of definition of a rating of pupils on it a curve assumes that in group of ten children two will appear in the top part of a curve, two more it in bottom, and other six it in the middle. By results of standard tests for endowments I usually got to 2 top percent of potentially strong pupils, but on marks came nearer to 2 percent of the weakest. About a technique of definition of a rating of pupils on it curve my daddy-teacher responded often so: itthe School system is directed not so much on training, how much on an exceptionit. Its problem as father consisted in providing my moral, emotional safety and to prevent my exception of system.

Boundary of nine-year age

The author of the most progressive for today and in many respects a disputable technique of training is Rudolf Shtejner, whose approach to an education system is applied in it schools where there is one of most quickly developing school systems in the world. It often wrote and said that he names ita boundary of nine-year ageit. An essence of its opening that approximately in nine years children cease to identify themselves with parents and start searches of own individuality. It has come to conclusion that during this period the child feels often lonely and torn off from a society. The child starts to search for the I and any more does not perceive itself as a part family We. During this period it is necessary for it to impart practical skills of a survival. Therefore in system it schools of children of this age learn to plant gardens, to build tents, to bake bread and to be engaged in other useful things. Received skills are not connected with the future trades, more likely, they urged to develop in each child confidence that it is capable to survive without assistance. In the course of search of own individuality it is necessary for children to be convinced that they will manage to survive. If during this period they do not manage to develop in themselves feeling of a personal security, consequences can affect in the fatal image further a choice of a course of life. Naturally, each child differently reacts and behaves during crisis of the person and consequently sensitive and a careful altitude of parents gets during this moment the vital value. The teacher at whom thirty persons in a class, it is simple not in forces to give enough attention to each child at this stage of a life.

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