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 Large Time Icons

Turnaround Time Icon Images

Turnaround Time Icon

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Turnaround Time icon
Turnaround Time Icon
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- it, all of us are earth dwellers, - Judzhinija has objected. - the great-great-grandmother and the great-great-grandfather all life have lived Mine on the Earth. My great-grandmother was born on the Earth. All of us without an exception - descendants of earth dwellers. And not only people. On any settlement any live being - from a virus to a tree - too has a terrestrial origin.

- But only people know about it. And one remember better, than others.

You sometimes recollect the father? - Marlena has thrown a fleeting glimpse on mother and has frowned. - it is clear. It me does not concern. Approximately so you wish to answer me.

- Yes, approximately so. But it is unimportant that I want. Eventually, you are a his daughter and have the right to know. Yes, occasionally I think of it. - Judzhinija hardly has considerably shrugged shoulders, has then asked:

- it, and you think of it?

- I have nothing to think. I do not remember it. I never saw even its hologrammes.

- Yes, then it was not meaningful... - Judzhinija has faltered.

- When I was small, I often mused, why one fathers remained with the children, and others are not present. I thought that those who remained, love the children, and my father did not love me. It attentively looked at the daughter.

- Earlier you did not speak to me about it.

- I thought so about myself, and only when was small. Then I have grown up and have understood that actually all is more difficult.

- Never it was necessary so to think. It is a lie. If I knew, at least guessed, I would convince you of the return...

- Mum, you do not like to recollect that time. I understand.

- All the same, if I knew, of what you think, if I was able to read thoughts as you, I would overpersuade you. The father very much loved you. If I have allowed, it would take you with itself(himself). It is my fault that you remained without the father.

- It is guilty too. It could remain with us.

- Yes, could. But now, after many years, it seems to me, I understand it is better. After all I did not leave the house - my house flied together with me. Even on distance of two light years from the Earth I was at home, on the Rotor where I was born. An another matter - your father. He was born on the Earth; it seems to me, it simply could not present to itself(himself) that the Earth can be left for ever. I often think of it. Should be, billions people in the same way do not wish to leave the Earth.

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