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 Large People Icons

Pirate with Shadow Icon Images

Pirate with Shadow Icon

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Pirate with Shadow icon
Pirate with Shadow Icon
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Transformation Of The Life Of A Pirate And His Current Style Of Robbing, Kidnapping And Harming Voyagers

The following article will briefly explain you the transformation of the pirates. And you will also get to read about the current style of the pirates, who rob modern ships and cruises.

A pirate is the one, who robs the voyagers. He keeps on sailing across the sea, just in search for preys. He is the one, who can rob, kidnap or can harm the voyagers, just for the sake of monetary gain. Looking into the history of pirates, you will come to know that it was the time period of 1650-1720, when they used to live a golden life. At that point of time, the number of pirates was exceedingly high. More and more pirates were ready and willing to rob each and every ship they could see sailing on the water. Christopher Columbus is the most famous pirate.

A pirate of ancient times used to dress up in special clothes. People have a specific image of the pirates, but the modern pirate is no more the same. You will not find him wearing distinctive clothes, but he will appear in front of you in the way, you have dressed up. When a pirate does an attack, it is solely for monetary or materialistic gain. All the military activities and environmental protests are not included in piracy. A pirate must always rob outside the authority of any of the governments. If you want to know a bout the past of pirates, then you will come to know that they used to attack on ports. Now laws have been formulate. Some of them are only applied to ships, which sail across international sea and some of them are applied on sailing and those ships, which are at anchor and are in motion as well. The reason, why the pirates are mostly successful in robbing other ships is that the ships of a pirate are too huge than an ordinary ship.

They can carry along with them a large number of pirates. This is why; they can outnumber the ordinary ships. An intelligent pirate is the one, who has got all the ammunitions, which he can use while robbing the voyagers. The pirates are robbing the cargos since years and years. They have started to rob the cargo ships since that point of time, when the cargoes started to move on the sea.

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Large Icons for Vista Large Icons for Vista is a set of smooth and polished icons created in the same manner as the standard Vista icons. The icons come in two versions: with or without shadows.

People Icons for Vista People Icons for Vista depict people of different occupations, social and family roles. They are created in Vista style and are available with or without shadows. Icons are delivered in various formats and sizes.

Basic Icons for Vista Basic Icons for Vista is a set of smooth and polished icons created/ crafted in the similar style as the original Vista icons. The icons come in two versions: with or without shadows.

Food Icon Library Your project will look more modern and attractive with Food Icon Library. Color schemes include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. provided sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48.

Database Icon Set Database Icon Set brings you lots of stylish and colorful icons for database application development. The images are available in all the common icon sizes and file formats include PNG, GIF, BMP and ICO.