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CHAPTER 3. INVULNERABILITY I name invulnerability ability human Bodies to resist to fire and heat influence, not to suffer at falling, not to receive serious damages at rigid blows by firm subjects, stupid or sharp, and also ability to leave from knifes and the bullets flying to it at a short distance. Basically all it is not too difficult. And the algorithms are in each specific case used.

So, we will consider the first algorithm of invulnerability concerning invulnerability mechanical. Us learnt at school that force of action is equal to force of counteraction, and, hence, any object existing in this best from worlds, it is impossible to hurt by no means if only it it this object it does not render resistance. Take a huge axe and try to split it a soft down pillow. Or throw on beaten glasses the polyethylene package half filled with water. I warrant, as the package and a pillow remain are safe. Now throw on the same glasses the same package, only it in it ' it is preliminary equal as much the earth or sand. The package will by all means tear, and contents will fall down from it. In what the reason? Blow of a knife you can punch even a thick board, but try to pierce it any easy weightless fabric thrown in air. At you leaves nothing. For it is impossible to hurt something such that does not render resistance.

At every possible falling the same principle operates. All usual fighting schools it from free-style wrestling to it it learn, falling, to be grouped. Let's understand, whether it is correct. For certain, of my readers it was possible to much ever, having been very drunk, perhaps, whence to fall, or to roll down from a ladder on steps, and even to enter the physical conflict and to accept serious blows on a body. Then try to remember that, staying in this state of bliss, you for some reason have not received quite "deserved" damages. Believe, it not accident, but law. When you are drunk enough, you cannot be injured. There, where the sober person by all means would receive the serious damages, drunk gets off with easy bruises, and even more often it one fright. In what the reason? Yes that the reason has ceased to supervise your actions. Strong alcoholic intoxication brakes cerebral cortex functions, and the initiative is grasped by a subcortex, that is reflexes. Remember, your body is cleverer and stronger than you. The reason is a sickly horseman on a mighty game, and this horse is your body.

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