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Try to avoid proceeding at any cost. Remember that to any of those of 10 % of advisers which are included into group with the annual income in $250.000, the claim was never made, proceeding did not threaten! After all they scrupulously adhere to all recommendations resulted here. Proceeding publicity (by means of idle talks) would be very harmful to your professional reputation – even in case of a business prize. Clients and the public as a whole operate according to an aphorism "Where there's smoke there's fire". Therefore start to gossip that you, most likely, not such "pure" if against you have submitted the claim. In other words, when business reaches court even if you and will win it will lose. The good lawyer will tell to you the same.

Recommendations are reduced to the following: before something to make, think, behave according to ethical standards. Let conscience will be your explorer. http://evartist.narod.ru/text5/56.htm - _top#_top

Chapter 11 PHONETICS

Probably, one of the greatest obstacles in a way to business success is misuse of phone, a fax and an answering machine (or «vocal mail»). It does huge harm of a trade of the adviser and is better shows absence of politeness and attention in a modern society.

Knowing that we, by definition of Vansa Pakarda, «the nation of sheep», the industry of telecommunications has decided to use it as much as possible. Its income received at our expense, became the hugest. We will list "miracles" of a science and those troubles which they call. 1. Call expectation. The telephone companies have entered this new miracle, having convinced advisers that they, for example, can do twice more, responding simultaneously to two calls (clients). Many advisers have established at once this service, to the big affliction of clients. The majority do not understand that expectation system it is sonorous constantly offend people. To you the formula is known after all: «I Am possible for you I will call back? I have just received the important call on other line». Such means that you – it is not counted, and your call has no value. Or, you will hear (or will tell): «you while I will not get rid of the second call could not wait?» Call expectation generates roughness. If you have such service, get rid of it. And never it get. It is supposed that the system of expectation of a call should prevent a signal "is occupied" on your line. But than this signal is bad? He only warns that you are occupied, and quite suits to the professional adviser. The system of expectation of a call also allows to talk by phone in intervals – so that following calling did not receive a signal about your employment. However professional practice demands, that phone calls were short and in essence; more volume information should exchange in writing by means of memorandums and reports not to call misunderstanding. 2. The faksovyj device. That is practically at each office, and is possible, it is required to you. A problem – in its excessive use also increasing incomes of the telephone company whereas there have arrived services of post delivery by the first class have decreased. Thanks to a fax the link speed of the letter instead of three days occupies one minute. This speed is surprising and magnificent, if it correctly to use. But when speed use only for the sake of speed – for example, from 0 to 60 for 7 seconds in a school zone such can lead to pitiable results. Owing to such speed average reaction to fax reception appears immediate and is put into words:« Send me a fax right now ». However this usual reaction interferes with consulting process. Succeeding advisers – the thinking, reflecting, serious professionals, affording to devote there is enough time for the analysis of requirements and problems of the client. Correct, exact decisions never come instantly that is why« shooting from a hip »or will punch your foot, either the client, or feet both. Therefore concern a fax or e-mail how if it there was usual mail. Allow time for considering of the answers, and then if the situation of that deserves, send either a fax, or the letter. If you always respond by mail thus let know to the client that cannot, and will not hurry up. Faxes are pertinent when speed is extremely necessary. So, create to itself own quiet environment and ignore eternally hurrying odd fellows who are behaving violently with the equipment« Indy 500 ». 3. Answering machine (Vocal mail). This highly technological device takes away now more and more time and demands large expenses, than strongly increases incomes of the telephone companies. After all devices, in essence, talk with each other, and people seldom manage to communicate directly. Each having such device possesses now the licence for a number of phone calls and at once aspires to leave office, believing that those "will be accepted" by devices. In four of five cases at the answer to the message left on an answering machine, you also will get on an answering machine calling then become the participant of this entertaining game in «telephone it». It is required to you three or such four calls before it will be possible to contact the necessary subscriber personally. The telecommunication has transformed dialogue into something depersonalized.

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