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 Large Education Icons

Brief Case Icon Images

Brief Case Icon

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Brief Case icon
Brief Case Icon
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And at times the Moon, making the way on an orbit as if a huge lantern shined the blacked out oceans and continents of the Earth. And Boumen suddenly with excitement learnt familiar contours of coast, for an instant opening to it in an illusive moonlight. Sometimes, if on Pacific ocean there was a calm, it was possible even to make out a reflexion of lunar light on a water table, in it recollected tropical nights under palm trees on coast of lagoons. But he did not regret for the lost pleasures. For the thirty five years he has tasted them wholly and believed that again will return to them, already glorified and rich. For now the vast distance separating it from the Earth, did memoirs even more expensive.

As a part of crew was also the sixth member, but he was not excited at all with similar feelings for it was not the person. It was the newest, advanced computer EAL-9000, a brain and nervous system of the ship. It (that meant no more and not less as "heuristically programmed algorithmic computer") represented a remarkable child of the third jump in elektronno-computer facilities development. These jumps separated from each other intervals approximately in twenty years, and thought on approach, the following, the fourth, jump of the beginning already many to disturb. The first jump has occurred in 40th years when on a basis for a long time already out-of-date electronic lamps such clumsy high-speed slowcoaches, as it and the subsequent models. Then in 60th years the microelectronics has had significant development. With its occurrence it became clear that the artificial brain, power at least equal human, can quite hold in volume of an office desk... If only the nobility as it to construct.

Possibly, anybody and does not learn it - by 80th years of the twentieth century it any more did not represent any interest for by then Minsk and the Buzzing have developed a technique of automatic origin and self-reproduction of nervous chains according to any any way chosen program. It has appeared that the artificial brain can be "grown up" by means of the process amazingly similar to development of a human brain. Exact details of this process in each separate case and remained unknown persons; however, be they even are known, the human reason could not comprehend all their complexity. But how this machine brain has been arranged, the main thing consisted that it could reproduce the majority of operations of a human brain, and it is faster and more reliable. (However, some philosophers still preferred a word to "simulate" instead of to "reproduce".) Such car cost extremely expensively, and computers of type it-9000 some copies, however the old joke stating have been produced all what to make organic brains by means of not trained labour always easier, started to sound already a little plainly. It has been prepared for this expedition not less carefully, than its live colleagues, and are many times faster - after all it not only immeasurably acquired any data more fast, but also never required rest. Its first problem was to operate all life-support systems of the ship, continuously to supervise pressure of oxygen, temperature, tightness of a cover, radiation and other the interconnected factors on which the life of the fragile human consignment depended. It could execute the most complicated mate accounts in to carry out necessary shunting when it was necessary to change a ship rate. Still he could watch indefatigably sleeping crewmen, to specify a state of environment and to do intravenous injections of microscopic doses of liquids which supported their life.

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