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Delicious Love Icons
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 Delicious Love Icons

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------------------------------------------------------------------------ (1) degrees of the Fahrenheit scale accepted in the USA Mean. On Celsius It about 38 degrees. - the Comment ред.

Many years ago all these troubles seemed me huge! But What insignificant they when deep bombs threatened have seemed To do me in. I have sworn to myself then that never, never I will not worry it is more, if to me will have the luck to see again The sun and stars. Never! Never!! Never!!! In these awful fifteen Hours I have learnt more about art to live, than for four years of training on To books at Sirakjussky university."

We courageously behave more often at heavy vital shocks, And then allow trifles, small pricks to dump us. Here that, For example, tells Semuel Pepis in the diary about execution of sir Harry Вэйна. He saw, how Vejnu in London have publicly beheaded. When the sir Harry has entered on a scaffold, he did not beg to save to it a life, he begged The executioner not to touch a furuncle calling a pain at it on a neck!

The same property of the person an admiral has found out Byrd in the awful Cold and darkness of polar nights. He said that its subordinates it is more Were nervous because of trifles, than because of serious things. They with firmness Transferred dangers, life severe conditions, a cold which was often Below 80 degrees (1). "But, - an admiral told Byrd, - sometimes Bosom friends ceased to talk with each other, because One suspected another that that has put the tools on it Place. I knew the person who could eat in a dining room only when Found to itself a place, whence it was not visible to it флетчериста (2), carefully Chewing the meal twenty eight times before to swallow It ".

"In polar camp, - an admiral told Byrd, - similar trifles Possess ability to lead up even the disciplined people to a side Madnesses ".

And you could add, an admiral Byrd, as in a matrimonial life "Trifles" lead up often people to a side of madness and call "half of all Heart diseases in the world ".

At least so experts consider. For example, judge Joseph Сабат from Chicago which has spent more than forty thousand divorce Processes, confirms: "Trifles underlie the majority of the unhappy Marriages ", and Frenk S. Hogan, the public prosecutor of the New York district, has told:" Almost Half of the criminal cases assorted in our courts, begins with Trifles ". Bravado in a bar, house altercations, offensive The remark, disrespectful word, rough attack are those trifles, Which conduct to an attack and murder. Very much few of us were severely Are offended in a life. After all insignificant blows on our feeling Own advantage, offensive remarks, infringement of ours Vanities calls half of heart diseases in the world ".

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Classic Hardware Icon Set Hardware Icon Set is a collection of hardware related icons, available in BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF formats and 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32 sizes. The pack presents both 32-bit and 256-color icons.

Small Network Icons Small Network Icons is a pack of networking icons distributed as ICO, BMP, PNG and GIF files. All icons have 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 sizes.

Database Icon Set Database Icon Set brings you lots of bright and colorful icons for database application development. The images are available in all the common icon sizes and file formats include PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO.

Professional Icon Set Professional Icon Set allows you to spice up your soft or websites with stylish icons. Various jobs and occupations are depicted in a broad range of sizes, from 16x16 to 256x265 pixels.

Transport Icon Set Transport Icon Set is a professional collection that includes transport and traffic themed images, available in the following formats: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256.